What is Microblading?

Gone are the days when you had little to do about your thin eyebrows. People are investing heavily in how they look, and even the smallest of things can have the biggest impact. More people prefer to have thicker brows, and there are different ways of getting it. There are some that are more effective than others. One that has become popular is microblading, and there is a reason why that is the case. Many people choose it over the rest because of the final result and convenience. Many people don’t know how the process of microblading works and if it is the right option for them.

Microblading is a new make-up where a pigment is inserted into the upper layer of the skin manually, and this will create a fullness and shape of the eyebrows that the client desires. The effect of the procedure can last for one to two years, depending on the skin type of the person. The pigment will start fading and will leave your skin looking the way it was before. The results of microblading are very natural and lifelike, and this will give you eyebrows that are full and look natural.

The procedure will costs you a couple hundred dollars. You will pay for the procedure, then you will pay an additional amount for the aftercare, which is important if you want to protect your new brows,

The good thing about the procedure is the fact that you can easily see before and after. The brows will end up looking fuller and thicker without looking over-done. After the procedure has been done, it is important to keep your eyebrows are dry. Water should not be in that area because it can cause the ink to wash out of the skin. It is also a good idea to try and avoid any hot holidays because they can result in too much seating and pushing out the ink, which can affect the final results.

There will be times when you want to have tip-ups done, and the good news is that you can. If you have gone for one session, then you can go back after about six to eight weeks so that the can ensure that all of the lines and color have taken, and also give you the opportunity to have minor changes done. If you still feel like you still need a top up, you can come back three months later. You are the one to decide when you feel like you need a top-up.

It is important to choose the right shop when microblading because it will have a big impact on the final result. Choose a shop that has an experienced technician who is able to advise you accordingly. Don’t make the mistake of going to a shop because it is cheap because you might end up regretting when it is too late. You should also make sure that the person working on your eyebrows has been licensed to do so.

The main difference between microblading and tattooing is the fact that a special microblading pen is used for drawing individual strokes, and this is done one by one. This is why the process can take two hours to complete. The technicians do pay a lot of attention to detail because the results will last for a long period of time. The process should not be rushed, making it important for you to choose a time you will not be in a hurry. A numbing cream is applied so as to minimize the discomfort, then a liquid anesthetic.

Microblading will give you the chance to have thick and full eyebrows while still maintaining a natural look.